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Dive into Parkinson's Research: My Conversation on the "Good Clinical" Podcast

I'm excited to share that I recently joined Charles Beasley on the "Good Clinical" podcast! We discussed some fascinating aspects of my team's research on Parkinson's Disease and Multiple system atrophy.

We talked about how Parkinson's is not just one disease but a collection of diseases with multiple causes. Current treatments, such as levodopa and deep brain stimulation, only manage the symptoms and do not stop the disease progression. One major challenge we face is that therapies are often tested too late after 60-70% of the relevant neurons in the Substantia nigra have already died.

Early detection is crucial, and recent breakthroughs have shown that alpha-synuclein clumps can be detected in less invasive samples, like skin or nasal swabs, years before symptoms appear. I explain what my group is doing in this area.

We also covered how genetic factors are only part of the story, with environmental exposures playing a significant role.

You can catch the full episode on Spotify or Youtube

Thank you, Charles, for this great conversation!



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